Welcome to GIS-INFRA Ltd. website

This is а company providing surveying design and consulting services. We deal with feasibility studies, urban planning and investment design. We provide all kinds of land surveying and cadastral services. We process administrative correspondence in accordance to Law of Spatial Development and the Law for cadastre and property register. Change of use of agricultural land, for non agricultural use. Design of roads and streets, projects for road traffic organization.

  • Exploration and Consultation

    The Spatial Development Act allows for feasibility studies, volumetric-development studies for locating the site, proof of regulatory admissibility, expediency of investment opportunity, creation of Detailed Development Plan or Investment Projects. In certain cases the lack of such predevelopment studies can add significant expense, slow down construction or even render the project unfeasible – for example such case could be the not examining opportunities for building, condition and specifics of the terrain, already existing infrastructure, etc.

  • Territorial Plans

    Choosing methods for spatial planning depends from the specifics – practical use, present buildings, Physical terrain, density of buildings, condition of networks and installations of transport infrastructure – streets, roads, sewers, water mains, electrical lines and etc. It is essential to know if the property is within the borders of established municipality, the existence of previously created Detailed Development Plans that came into force under already repealed development laws and the level of application of such Detailed Development Plans.

  • Investment Projects

    Investment project is possible only if there is existing Detailed Development Plan, giving parameters of building. These parameters are shown in project visa given by the municipality Chief Architect. The information given in the project visa serves as framing for creation of the investment project. Every part of the investment project which needs approval for building permit is evaluated for compliance with the basic requirements of construction. Building permits are issued in accordance with approved technical or working investment project, if there is requirement for such.