Cadastre and Regulation

It is necessary to distinguish between boundaries of land property according to cadastral map, and boundaries of regulated land property, designated by Regulation and Construction Plan. The former are boundaries to right of ownership, while the latter are boundaries defined by regulation plan, necessary for building permissions and the property’s development statute. The question arises whether or not a regulation Plan is applicable in relation to street regulation, because that defines not only the boundaries of the property, but also the procedure for change in Regulation Plans. This company is in the register for legal entities certified to perform cadastral activities.

  • Projects for change in cadastral map
  • Correction of errors and removal of uncertainties in cadastral maps
  • Removal of obvious factual mistakes in cadastral maps
  • Mapping of new objects into the cadastral registry
  • Issuance of schemes and sketches from cadastral map
  • Design of combined sketches
  • Issuance of authenticity certificate
  • Projects for Detailed Developments Plans
  • Projects for vertical planning (land grading) to Detailed Development plans
  • Grade line projects for vertical planning
  • Parcel – plans for elements of technical infrastructure
  • Plans – scheme for networks and installations of technical infrastructure
  • Specialized Detailed Development Plans

Geodesy and Cartography

Cadastre and Regulation

Road Design

Agricultural land