Road Design

Main purpose for the roads and streets is to provide for vehicles and pedestrians. Road design and transport organization is a complex process, which in many cases is overcomplicated and depends mostly from the existing situation on site and planning for the relevant territory – urban or rural. The choice for organizing vehicular and pedestrian traffic needs to provide for efficient, economical and comfortable transportation. Fitting design and optimal traffic organization are contributing factors for better safety on behalf of all transport participants. Temporary traffic organization contributes for more secure travel taking place on streets and motorways during maintenance or emergency road work.

  • Design of roads, streets and parking spaces
  • Design of crossroads and road connections
  • Projects for road markings and signage
  • Temporary organization and safety of traffic
  • Permanent organization of road traffic
  • Projects for transport access
  • Projects for regeneration of road surfaces
  • Transport – Communicative plan part of Detailed Development Plan
  • Motivated proposal for entry and exit

Geodesy and Cartography

Cadastre and Regulation

Road Design

Agricultural land