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Agricultural land

When investor purchases agricultural land with intention of building on it, usually the need arises for a specialist with good knowledge of various stages of the procedure, different factors affecting successful completion of the procedure and the time required. Even if you are familiar with the bureaucratic process, during various procedural stages you might get surprised with new details, or recent practices of administration responsible for the procedure. Often confusion in procedural stages comes from the need of simultaneous application of rules for change in land designation in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Agricultural Lands, and common regulations for creation and certification of development plans in accordance with the Spatial Development Act. It needs to be noted, that if the Detailed Development Plan has come into legal force, there is a premise for requesting a change in designation of the agricultural land.

  • Getting certificate of regulation for agricultural land
  • Change of designation of agricultural land
  • Consultations in relation to statute change for agricultural land
  • Research into possibilities for change of designation for agricultural land

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Cadastre and Regulation

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Agricultural land