Investment Projects

Investment design constitutes in creation of projects necessary for construction of various types of engineering installations. Investment project contains several parts – architecture, structural, electrical, plumbing and sewage, heating, ventilation and climate control, geodesy, geology, green space design, fire safety etc. Separate parts of the investment project need to be developed and signed from certified engineers accredited in accordance with Law for the Chamber of Architects and Engineers in Investment Design. Projects can be developed in separates stages – idea, technical or work phase. Investment projects need to go through coordination and approval, and are a necessary condition for acquiring building permissions. Our company deals with the following services

  • Conceptual, technical and work projects
  • Projects for residential buildings and rural houses
  • Projects for commercial and office buildings
  • Projects for communal and administrative buildings
  • Projects for industrial and manufacturing buildings
  • Projects for transport and engineering infrastructure
  • Executive projects during construction

Exploration and Consultation

Territorial Plans

Investment Projects