Territorial Plans

Development planning involves creating new and changing currently in force Development Master Plans and Detailed Development Plans. Development plans assure appropriate building and development of townships and connected areas of influence by specifying the structure of towns and cities, stages of building and development and environmental preservation activities. Development Master plans define overall purpose and structure of separate territorial parts, Detailed Development plans on the other hand define exact purpose and organization of the separate land properties. The conditions set out in Detailed Development Plans are mandatory for investment planning. We specialize in the following:

  • General Development Master Plans
  • Detailed Development Plans
  • Plans for regulation and building
  • Plans for regulation
  • Plans for building
  • Plans for street regulation
  • Working development plans
  • Vertical planning towards Detailed Development Plan
  • Parcel Plans for elements of technical infrastructure
  • Plan-scheme of communicative-transport systems
  • Plan-scheme for networks and installation of technical infrastructure
  • Specialized Detailed Development Plans

Exploration and Consultation

Territorial Plans

Investment Projects