Exploration and Consultation

We can provide detailed pre-project investigation and collection of various information giving feasibility assessment for the investment project, for the purpose of warrant and realization of given project, also notifying the assignor for arousal of possible issues and delays of the project. This is an essential step before purchasing land, before starting development procedure, or before the start of investment project. The result of the preliminary investigations sets out prospect of successful completion of the project. Analysis of information gathered during pre project investigations finishes in assessment about expedience and admissibility of investment intentions. We provide:

  • Investigating status of given property
  • Investigating unsettled regulation debt
  • Checks for potential limits on right of ownership
  • Determining existing underground infrastructure
  • Determining existing property easement rights
  • Investigation of Development Plans
  • Investigation of cadastral maps and plans
  • Investigating potential for change in statute of agricultural land
  • Possibility for construction and available construction parameters
  • Geodetic surveys and terrain research
  • Engineering studies before Planning
  • Acquiring information from utility companies
  • Other investigation determined by type and specifics of the site

Exploration and Consultation

Territorial Plans

Investment Projects